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Rachel’s seemingly gentle demeanour is not to be taken granted of. When we tell you not to play with fire, we mean it with all seriousness. Step on Rachel’s tail, and we cannot guarantee what fiery receivings are in store. That internal fire Rachel has, fortunately, is often channelled to fuel her desire to do good for clients.


That being said, Rachel has a sweet personality, and happiness to her comes easy with simple sweet treats, think along the lines of Sour Squirms... Just like her sweets of choice, natural with no artificial flavourings, Rachel’s belief in providing evidence-based insights and recommendations has made her a favourite amongst clients.

Star Antz

At AntzWorkz, we believe that teamwork is how normal folks like us can achieve amazing outcomes together. Teamwork allows us to divide our tasks and multiply our successes. Just as with ants, despite our size, we have consistently punched above our weight.  Don't believe? Talk to any of our team leads and you will see that we mean business!


Like petrol is to a car, Kelvin’s fuel is a well brewed cup of ‘teh ka si’ to rev up his engine. In the midst of his search for the perfect cuppa, Kelvin had an epiphany, that quality marketing and business consulting was very much needed in Singapore. AntzWorkz Consultants was thus born in 2012.


With a well-brewed cuppa as his muse, Kelvin’s extensive marketing knowledge, quick wit and his ability to deliver brutally honest truths culminate in constructive decision making among employees and clients alike. Having been a top-notch client marketer, Kelvin has also developed a reputation for being able to craft innovative yet practical solutions to achieve success for clients.


Eugenia’s attention to details and task-focused traits evolved from the lessons learnt from being a seasoned diver. Eugenia is also blessed with a sharp analytical mind; coupled with her excellent client service, she has earned numerous rave reviews from clients.


Of  course, it’s a no brainer to tell you that Eugenia also has an exemplary work attitude, on most days. On other days, watch her wacky alter ego rear its head with a tinge of caffeine.


Warning: Highly sensitive to caffeine. Try at your own risk.


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