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Every product or idea needs a winning formula to make it a success. At AntzWorkz, we have a track record of doing so. Whether it’s a cool new product, finding the sweet spot in terms of pricing or pin-pointing the value proposition, we know how best to delve into the minds of consumers to tease out the criticals and help you to develop a strategic marketing plan for success. Best of all, our approach is designed to work in parallel with other business functions, thereby reducing the lead time and resources required.

A business may be faceless, a brand is definitely not. It’s a manifestation of what the business stands for. A strong brand not only impresses consumers and helps to win share of wallet, it also helps to attract and retain talent. However, a brand is multi-faceted; being able to accurately discern its strengths and weaknesses is not that straightforward. And when you add in the dynamics of competition, it gets a lot more complex. In contrast, our brand approach sounds rather simple; we start with understanding brands in the same way we interact with real people – we call this PersoniFyz. PersoniFyz helps to improve brands' relevance and resonance, thereby leading to positive brand and financial outcomes.


Even the best product, policy or service would need an effective marketing plan to get the word out. And AntzWorkz can help you to craft your content and/or communications to ensure optimal recall, receptibility, and reaction. We are so confident of our capabilities in this that we have even developed a proprietary evidence-based method to determine the efficacy of our work. And remember, markets don’t stay stagnant; hence this pulse also enables us to determine how best to evolve our communications to not just deal with the current but also build a reserve for the future.

Growing a successful business often involves careful planning and market analysis in order to minimise potential risk and maximise revenue/profit. Whether you want to expand your reach to capture a wider section of an existing market or venture into a completely new demographic, AntzWorkz is here to simplify that process. We provide you with evidence-based, business smarts counsel to take your company to the next level.

As consumers become more discerning, a good customer experience becomes increasingly important. Various case studies have confirmed the inter-relationship between experience and loyalty (as well as with the brand and spend). While many organisations are aware of this, not many are able to successfully understand what this entails or what they should do. After extensive research and development, AntzWorkz innovated a ground-breaking methodology that has been implemented successfully in various organisations. So successful this approach has been, it has actually been showcased in global seminars.

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